Concealed Adjustable Wireless Charger (OEXH700)
Concealed Adjustable Wireless Charger (OEXH700)
Concealed Adjustable Wireless Charger (OEXH700)

Concealed Adjustable Wireless Charger (OEXH700)

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Product Information:

  • Dimensions: Dia88 H28mm
  • Material: ABS
  • 2500W Max, 10A MAX 250V
  • USB output 5V 2.1A
  • Adaptor and 1.8m cable
  • Comes with 10W fast charging device 
  • Q! standard 6-12mm distance
  • Cut out size Dia60 H3-5mm
  • Excludes Cat6/ HDMI/ VGA/ Audio/ /Single Data USB/ Cat3/ Microphone Jacks and cables
  • All under table top cable management is excluded.
  • Quality Certification: RoHS, CE, FCC, CCC
  • Single product packing with anti bump material and complete with cupboard box.
  • CAUTION product best installed with factory pre-drilled surfaces. Local installation services will not produce the best asethetics.

Pricing Information:

  • Prices excludes delivery charges that will be automatically tabulated upon checkout.
  • Prices excludes Installation charges and services (ie. product installation, grommet hole cutout.)
  • Do select the pricing options upon checkout.

Service Offering Notices:

  • Scheduled works have to be requested and ordered prior to delivery. We may not be able to accede the on site request for installation.
  • Should another trip be required, we will charge SGD30 for out-call request.
  • Do note on installation services rendered, we will not warrant the top free of defects. ie. Unavoidable chipping of surface due to power tools, unevenness of surface.
  • If table tops are beyond the height of the product, we may not be able to secure the products purchased using priority components.
  • Should you want to proceed further, we will have to use alternative adaptable components or adhesives to secure the products to the table. 
  • Steel, stone or any other surfaces will require site survey and we will provide a quotation after for confirmation.